Looking for Bars Near Climate Pledge Arena?

Where do you drink before the Kraken game?

Consider Cairde Public House & Bar near Climate Pledge Arena.  We love hosting excited Seattle Kraken fans as well as concert goers before or after events at Climate Pledge Arena.  Great drinks & food, 14 big screen TV's and easy parking allowing you to skip the remainder of the traffic to The Arena.  Grab a parking spot on the street or in one of the 5 parking garages within 2-3 blocks of Cairde, then enjoy some pregame drinks and food - much cheaper and often times better than what you'll find in Climate Pledge Arena - and then enjoy a leisurely 7-9 minute walk through beautiful Seattle Center to the Arena.  

Where to eat and drink near Climate Pledge Arena?

Yes, there are bars and restaurants across the street from Climate Pledge, but the traffic!  And congestion.  And expensive parking.  Park 5-7 minutes out and miss 20-30 minutes of traffic and navigation.  Enjoy great appetizers including sausage rolls and Chorizo Nachos, great burgers and sandwiches including The Cairde Burger, the Fried Chicken Burger, the Crab Melt and for you vegans and plant friendly Kraken fans, the Black Bean Lettuce Wrap and our Beyond Burger.  We also have some Irish favorites including Corned Beef & Hash, Shepards Pie and Bangers & Mash.  

Can you bring food into Climate Pledge Arena?

That would be a no!  And despite the great vendors and wonderful food, lets just say its a tad bit more expensive than Cairde Public House.

Happy Hour Near Climate Pledge Arena

We have happy hour Monday- Friday 4-6pm and late night happy hour Wednesday- Saturday 9pm - 12am.  

Climate Pledge Arena:  334 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109