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Stouts and Porters - Draft List

Kona Porter


Look: Pitch black in color with a hefty light brown head that pillows up and slowly settles, leaving great lacing behind
Aroma: Chocolate, roast, cold brewed coffee, warm brown bread, and some nutty notes – hazelnut and pecan to me
Taste: Follows the nose well. A blast of roast and dark chocolate kick it off as bready malt and coffee begin to weave in as well. The nutty notes are more noticeable once the initial wave passes and closes with coffee and chocolate
Mouthfeel: Full, fairly smooth throughout, medium-high carbonation, and a smooth and soft finish
Overall: I dig it. I kind of forgot about this beer until the “re-release” as I barely drink these folks’ beer these days but remembered this as being good and it still it. Nice coffee notes on top of a tasty and solid porter base and checks all the style boxes for me too. A perfect start on this cold wet evening

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